Young Adults Make Social Contracts

On Friday, 14th February 2020, during their certificate award ceremony at which CPAR Uganda awarded 11 young adults certificates for successfully completing Module 1: “Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda” of the its project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty,” the graduating innovators were informed and they accepted that the certificates that they were given… Continue reading Young Adults Make Social Contracts

CPAR Uganda Symbolism

On Friday, 14th February 2020 we graduated our first cohort of young adults under our project: "Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty," who had completed the first of four modules of the programme.We converted our vehicle parking shed into the venue in which we organised our certificate award ceremony. We used what was available… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Symbolism

Poverty Problem Trees

Poverty problem trees are truly a powerful tool for analysing and appreciating poverty. And each time one uses them well, it is likely that they will learn something new. For example, this was the case two weeks ago when I facilitated a session on poverty analysis for a cadre of 12 young adults whom are… Continue reading Poverty Problem Trees

Opolo James, you are welcome

“I have established a business in Lira together with two others. I have plans to establish a community based organisation that targets poor urban youth, to provide them with hands-on skills, for example repair of electronics.”Opolo James This is among the reasons that Opolo James gave as to why he is the most deserving young… Continue reading Opolo James, you are welcome

Okello Jimmy Ezra, you are welcome

“I am a very active, respectful, hardworking, highly committed, and result oriented person, especially when assigned both desk-based activities, fieldwork activities and research activities.”Okello Jimmy Ezra This is among the reasons that Okello Jimmy Ezra gave as to why he is the most deserving young adult to be awarded a scholarship and to be selected… Continue reading Okello Jimmy Ezra, you are welcome

Auma Jacquline, you are welcome

“One of my biggest successes working with rural communities and as a counsellor and a research assistant was to reunite a street child with its parents. And the parents whose drinking was the cause of the problem have now stopped being drunkards.”Auma Jacquline This is among the reasons that Auma Jacquline gave as to why… Continue reading Auma Jacquline, you are welcome

Gumkit Ann Parlaker, You are Welcome

"I love working with the community, especially solving their health problems, especially women." Gumkit Ann Parlaker, Young Adult Innovator This is one of the reasons that Gumkit gave as to why she is the most deserving young adult to be awarded a scholarship and to be selected to participate in our CPAR Uganda programme: "Mentoring… Continue reading Gumkit Ann Parlaker, You are Welcome


We sold our sorghum at 700 shillings per kilogram when other farmers in our area sold theirs at only 500 shillings per kilogram. Par Pi Ocan Farmer Field School (FFS) group comprises of 30 farmers (10 men and 20 women) who came together in 2009 to work as a group and to help each other.… Continue reading COLLECTIVE MARKETING FOR SMALL HOLDER FARMERS A SOLUTION FOR IMPROVING LIVELIHOODS


Hon. Rebecca Otengo - Minister of State for Northern Uganda – paid a visit to a project that was implemented by CPAR Uganda in Agago. The Project: “Improving Food Security and Agricultural Livelihoods of War Affected Communities” was supported under the Government of Uganda’s Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Programme (ALREP) that was funded by the European… Continue reading THE GOVERNMENT MINISTER SAYS GREAT WORK!

Farmers First

Farmers First was a five-year programme (May 2009 to June 2014) and was designed to improve and diversify the on-farm production of rural farming households in four African countries, including Uganda. At its core was a series of activities designed to expand the choices and opportunities for farmers to engage in and to lead competitive… Continue reading Farmers First