The Hoe Does Not Lie

The Baganda, the largest first nation of Uganda, have a saying that: “enkumbi terimba”; which translated into English is: “the hoe does not lie”. The essence of “the hoe does not lie” encapsulates the fact that smallholder farming, moreover, using the handheld hoe, is the major source of food and livelihoods for Ugandans, countrywide. At… Continue reading The Hoe Does Not Lie

Food Gardens in Place of Grass Lawns – Progress Report 2016

CPAR Uganda Ltd challenged our staff members to replace grass lawns and flowers on the grounds of our base camps with food crops. The only condition that we gave them was that they must establish and maintain their food gardens using best agronomic practices and, as well, ensure the gardens are aesthetically pleasant. They accepted… Continue reading Food Gardens in Place of Grass Lawns – Progress Report 2016

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Value Chain – Progress Report 2016

During the last planting season for 2016, through a highly participatory process that was endorsed by elders of Loro Sub-County in Oyam District, CPAR Uganda Ltd donated start-up Hibiscus Sabdarrifa (hibiscus) seeds to 43 pioneer smallholder farmers. Despite adverse weather conditions, 11 of our pioneer farmers took the risk and planted. They included: Olobo EdwardAkot… Continue reading Hibiscus Sabdariffa Value Chain – Progress Report 2016

Sustainable Cassava Multiplication

Members of Kony Wa Women’s Farmer Field School (FFS), in 2012, received from CPAR Uganda training on cassava agronomy and cassava cuttings of variety MM/96/4271 variety (NASE 14) for multiplication, under our Farmers First (FF) Programme. This variety is resistant to brown streak virus and cassava mosaic virus which greatly impair yields of all other… Continue reading Sustainable Cassava Multiplication

“I never used to earn as much,” Testified Jamila Eton

Through CPAR Uganda, a local NGO, we were taught good farming methods. They showed us to grow it in rows, with one seed per hole. With good rains, we weed after one month. Then three weeks after that. Sunflower will be ready for harvest within three months. Simsim is good too as a cash crop… Continue reading “I never used to earn as much,” Testified Jamila Eton