Lessons from COVID-19: Grow Food

The majority of Ugandans are net-buyers of food. They buy more of the food that they eat than they eat the food that they produce themselves. Even among smallholder farmers, the majority grow food to sell and then buy food to eat. It is no wonder that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Uganda took… Continue reading Lessons from COVID-19: Grow Food

Food Gardens in Place of Grass Lawns – Progress Report 2016

CPAR Uganda Ltd challenged our staff members to replace grass lawns and flowers on the grounds of our base camps with food crops. The only condition that we gave them was that they must establish and maintain their food gardens using best agronomic practices and, as well, ensure the gardens are aesthetically pleasant. They accepted… Continue reading Food Gardens in Place of Grass Lawns – Progress Report 2016

Preventative Strategic Health Care Programme 2016-2020

Within the paradigm of the change agent model and of the social enterprise model, the work of CPAR Uganda Ltd, under our preventative healthcare programme, will focus on contributing to increased quantities, qualities and varieties of food crops that smallholder farmers produce at household level; in order to promote human nutrition and climate sensitive agriculture.… Continue reading Preventative Strategic Health Care Programme 2016-2020

Farmers First

Farmers First was a five-year programme (May 2009 to June 2014) and was designed to improve and diversify the on-farm production of rural farming households in four African countries, including Uganda. At its core was a series of activities designed to expand the choices and opportunities for farmers to engage in and to lead competitive… Continue reading Farmers First