How women reclaiming power

“You Matter: how women reclaiming their power are changing the world,” is the title of the book that Dr. Rita Jo Laker-Ojok is among the contributing authors. Rita is among the founding members of CPAR Uganda Ltd and was our first Board Chair. According to Rita, the book, "You Matter ...", comprises personal stories of… Continue reading How women reclaiming power

Video – Education is Justice, is excellence

In this video Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen, the Co-Investigator of the “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youths as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” Research Project opens by quoting three Greek Philosophers - Socrates, Aristotle and Plato - “Education is justice…education is excellence.” Two realities that continue to evade women of rural Uganda and indeed of the… Continue reading Video – Education is Justice, is excellence

Formal Schooling versus our daily lives

“Kole District has over 178 schools, 52 nursery schools, 107 primary schools and 19 secondary schools. Many girls in Kole District, however, drop out of school because of COVID-19 and traditional gender sensibilities that mean educating the girl child is not a priority. Sharon is a graduate teacher, yet she has failed to get employment… Continue reading Formal Schooling versus our daily lives

Dr. Ocen on Study I: Cohort of educated young women and the gendered politics of courts

Education is supposed to produce a certain level of agency.  It is supposed to help you innovate, to transform situations and to be relevant. We, the research team, want to know whether we have educated unemployed youth in rural Lango. We see people going to school, people graduating from school. We want to explore how… Continue reading Dr. Ocen on Study I: Cohort of educated young women and the gendered politics of courts

Akullo Betty’s gender lens on Ugandan’s concept of work

When I worked in a law firm, I realized that that was not my calling, because I am person who likes to support people in need. But when a person comes to a law firm, most times it is about how much money do you have for this work. And most women who would come,… Continue reading Akullo Betty’s gender lens on Ugandan’s concept of work

Akullo Betty on the church and gender issues induced unemployment

Our chief guest (Mr. Alex B. Okello, Permanent Secretary of the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, Office of the President and Member of the CPAR Uganda Board of Directors), I remember when he used to work with the Uganda Human Rights Commission, they interviewed me, and I lost the job. Why did I lose the… Continue reading Akullo Betty on the church and gender issues induced unemployment

Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

With examples from the media in Uganda, the analysis contained in "Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths," gives a detailed description of gender-based violence in Uganda, in the domestic realm and in the public realm. It describes how gender-based violence is nurtured by myths; and how negative beliefs and practices have been normalized and… Continue reading Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

“It is Because of Mummy”

“It is because of mummy.” This is one of the most common words spoken not only by many children in rural areas, but also those in urban areas of Uganda. Gender issues have made some women to become bread winners in their respective households, despite tradition and religion acknowledging men as the bread winners. Some… Continue reading “It is Because of Mummy”

The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

Personally, I have been thinking that because issues of women are not well handled by traditional leaders and political leaders, it made women to resort to the Church. In fact, women are the majority in church congregations in my home area. But the role play that was acted as part of our training has made… Continue reading The President of Mothers’ Union and Gender Issues

The Woman in Me

Adongo is a poor rural woman who lives in Alebtong District. Early every morning, she wakes up at 5:00 a.m. with her children to dig in their family garden rich with beans, cassava, abuga, and boyo. She does so in order to provide food for her family. Her dominant husband always comes around to supervise… Continue reading The Woman in Me