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Tag: Healthcare

  • Mental Health Rehab from Hell – Part II

    Mental Health Rehab from Hell – Part II

    Ms. Desire Lavigne Karakire’s testimony, shared on her Facebook wall on 11th July 2020 I wasn’t given medical attention then (while incarcerated at the Africa Retreat Center (ARC), I attempted suicide and swallowed glass), and three weeks later when I began to bleed from the rectum with every bowel movement, I wasn’t allowed to see […]

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  • Research – determinants of TB detection & treatment

    Research – determinants of TB detection & treatment

    CPAR Uganda Ltd is interested in exploring the social cultural determinants of decisions at household level in Uganda that facilitate quick detection and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) or that delay the detection of TB. In essence, CPAR Uganda is interested in enabling quick and timely treatment for household members that are afflicted with TB. CPAR […]

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  • Strategy – Advocacy Programming 2016-2020

    Strategy – Advocacy Programming 2016-2020

    Under our empirical evidence based Policy Advocacy Programme, CPAR Uganda Ltd will function as a consulting organisation. The thrust of the theory of change that informs the premise on which our policy advocacy programme is based, is the assumption that empirical data can be collected, analysed and used as the basis for more effective advocacy. […]

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  • CPAR Uganda constructs and equips health centres

    CPAR Uganda constructs and equips health centres

    Whereas, in the recent past CPAR Uganda has majorly focused on providing health training and awareness creation services, during the height of the insurgency in Northern Uganda – 1992 to 2008 – CPAR Uganda, as a Country office of the Canadian Physicians for AID and Relief, greatly contributed to health services in Northern Uganda through […]

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