Lira City TB Marathon

Our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Gladys Gladrina Awino, has just concluded participation in the 10 km Tuberculosis (TB) Marathon that was held at Lira City this morning, Sunday 13th March 2022. Pictured with the Chief Marathon Runner, the Lira City Resident Commissioner, Mr. Lawrence Egole and her fellow runners: Dr. Jimmy Ssewanyana of Lira Regional Referral… Continue reading Lira City TB Marathon

Use of GeneXpert in Northern Uganda

The “gold standard has to be the GeneXpert” asserted respondents in CPAR Uganda’s qualitative investigation into pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). GeneXpert machines facilitate diagnosis of TB. As of 2010 GeneXpert is a World Health Organisation recommended technology for detecting TB. The Uganda National TB and Leprosy Control Programme (NTLP), in its current strategic plan, recommend the… Continue reading Use of GeneXpert in Northern Uganda

Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

As the world battles with the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, we find it timely to share this briefing on the findings of an empirical investigation into tuberculosis in Uganda. It should be noted that unlike in other parts of the world, TB is equally a pandemic in Uganda. Thousands of Ugandans are infected with TB and… Continue reading Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

Tuberculosis is a pandemic

Uganda’s forgotten active pandemic is tuberculosis (TB). According to TB Alliance, the World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledges that "TB is the leading infectious cause of death in the world, killing 1.5 million each year."World Health Organisation The New Vision published a story in which it was reported that the Ministry of Health TB Survey (2014-2015) found:… Continue reading Tuberculosis is a pandemic

Tuberculosis on the rise in Uganda

Dr Stavia Turyahabwe, Programme Manager, Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme, agreed with research findings of CPAR Uganda’s investigation into pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda, which found that TB is on the increase in Uganda. This was revealed in a story: “Tuberculosis on the rise in northern Uganda,” which was published on 20th July… Continue reading Tuberculosis on the rise in Uganda

TWENDE: Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts

CPAR Uganda Ltd is participating in a two-year (2016-2017) research and advocacy project on tuberculosis (TB) code-named: “Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts (TWENDE),” and is funded by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnerships (EDCTP) through the University of St. Andrews. We are in consortium with: School of Biomedical Sciences of the… Continue reading TWENDE: Tuberculosis: Working to Empower Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts