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Tag: Karamoja

  • First Nations of Uganda

    First Nations of Uganda

    In the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 55 ‘African-Ugandan’ First Nations are recognized as “tribes” of Uganda, in alphabetical order as follows: A-B (1-30) Acholi, Alur, Baamba, Babukusu, Babwisi, Bafumbira, Baganda, Bagisu, Bagungu, Bagwe, Bagwere, Bahehe, Bahororo, Bakenyi, Bakiga, Bakonzo, Banyabindi, Banyankore, Banyara, Banyarwanda, Banyole, Banyoro, Baruli, Basamia, Basoga, Basongora, Batagwenda, Batoro, Batuku, and […]

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  • Disruption of Pastoralists’ Lives

    Disruption of Pastoralists’ Lives

    Iduwat Ochom, in reaction to the analysis contained in “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives,” as it was first published on the author’s “The Humanist View Blog”, commented: “On the notion of disruptive development, my conclusion, after working in Karamoja for close to two years, is that either people in or with power have stopped thinking […]

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  • MD Norah Owaraga keynote address to Karamoja women

    MD Norah Owaraga keynote address to Karamoja women

    “We have received enormous positive feedback from women and men about you. They say the keynote address has sparked untapped emotions and it has generated conversations on the position of women and Karamoja in Uganda. The conversations are taking place in small circle of groups, families, including on social media. We won’t stop saying thank […]

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  • AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

    AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

    “The group members were excited of the expected good yield as exhibited by the maize and groundnut gardens doing very well. The manyatta garden group farming is a success story that could be replicated. The group members visited had planted fruit trees of citrus (oranges) and some neem trees. The trees appeared well catered.” Amudat […]

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