How women reclaiming power

“You Matter: how women reclaiming their power are changing the world,” is the title of the book that Dr. Rita Jo Laker-Ojok is among the contributing authors. Rita is among the founding members of CPAR Uganda Ltd and was our first Board Chair. According to Rita, the book, "You Matter ...", comprises personal stories of… Continue reading How women reclaiming power

Welcome to our Reading Room

We started off with very high expectations of establishing our "Professor Fred Opio Ekong Memorial Library," in honour of our founder vice chairpersons, the late Professor Fred Opio Ekong. We rummaged through our stores and found loads of publications from our time as the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (1992-2008); we solicited donations of… Continue reading Welcome to our Reading Room

Poverty Mind Maps

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn"John Cotton Dana. This was my experiential learning a couple of weeks ago as I facilitated a session on "Conceptions and Measurement of Poverty", under the sub-topic: "What is Poverty", under Module I: "Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda" of the CPAR Uganda project: "Mentoring Young Adults into… Continue reading Poverty Mind Maps