Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

"My name is Margie, from Kacilo Village, Sangai Parish, Ochelakur Sub-County. I tried to borrow from many people from whom I hoped to get money from but I failed. I also had a group where we save some little monies, but it was like every member from the group needed money, so the group committee… Continue reading Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

2 new development projects

Two young adults, beneficiaries of our mentoring programme, have trully come of age as innovators against poverty for their respective rural communities. With guidance from our lead mentor, our two budding innovators, did participatory action research and consultations within their respective communities and on that basis authored a project proposal each. The first one, "500 women of… Continue reading 2 new development projects

Women access to finance

500 WOMEN OF OCHELAKUR SUB-COUNTY ACCESS FINANCE project is the first in a series of projects under our RURAL DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION PROGRAMME that we officially launched this month. WE ARE TARGETING TO RAISE 10 M (TEN MILLION SHILLINGS) as seed money for establishing and growing a loan scheme fund through which 500 women will access… Continue reading Women access to finance

Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

Young and bursting with ambition, he sees himself trek the distance between Teso and Kampala, determined to only return to his sleepy little Ocelakur Village as an inspirational trendy tie, expensive suit wearing, Mortar Board clad graduate of Development Studies. He sees himself seated at the back of a trendy 4 X 4, as a… Continue reading Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

Youth and Access to Rural Finance in Uganda

“I, Oluka Robert, commit myself to apply the knowledge I have learnt from this cash flow training to implement it in my existing business of money lending in the community where I come from, Ocelakur Sub-County in Kalaki District.” This is the pledge that Oluka made right after he participated in our training on how… Continue reading Youth and Access to Rural Finance in Uganda

Lesson for Success #02: Systems Thinking

When my fellow ‘Mitchellite’ tripped and fell flat while coming from the mess, his plate of food remained exactly horizontal and only one bean managed to fall off. In the real world, things do not occur in straight causal lines – things are connected; causal chains are complex and balanced. One thing affects another, which… Continue reading Lesson for Success #02: Systems Thinking