Promoting Hibiscus Sabdariffa & high value chains

CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farm to promote growing high value crops; doing the value addition; and earning from them; and thus enhancing livelihoods for farming households in our area of operation. Alinga Farms, which is owned by our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, is simply sharing the knowledge of how to do so… Continue reading Promoting Hibiscus Sabdariffa & high value chains

Living within your means is the way to go

The 24 days training, Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda of CPAR Uganda’s project: Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty, was indeed a great one. Other than making new friends, me personally I gained a lot of knowledge. First on the balanced diet aspect, I was able to realize that my small family… Continue reading Living within your means is the way to go

‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

Our Innovators, you adults whom we are mentoring under our project: "MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAINST POVERTY", are busy innovating and transforming our Lira Centre into a vibrant learning centre that may actually become self-sustaining in the longer-term. Enon's FOODS IN LAWNS PROJECT is one such excellent project that our innovators have come up… Continue reading ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Value Chain – Progress Report 2016

During the last planting season for 2016, through a highly participatory process that was endorsed by elders of Loro Sub-County in Oyam District, CPAR Uganda Ltd donated start-up Hibiscus Sabdarrifa (hibiscus) seeds to 43 pioneer smallholder farmers. Despite adverse weather conditions, 11 of our pioneer farmers took the risk and planted. They included: Olobo EdwardAkot… Continue reading Hibiscus Sabdariffa Value Chain – Progress Report 2016