Uganda National Household Survey 2019/2020 Summary Report

UBOS released the 2019/20 National Household Survey report. In summary, this is Uganda today: Total population = 41 millionAverage family size = 4.6 persons (largest in Teso 5.9 persons and smallest in Kampala 3.4 persons)Population below 18 years = 54 percentUrban population = 27 percentNet primary school enrollment = 91 percentNet secondary school enrollment =… Continue reading Uganda National Household Survey 2019/2020 Summary Report

Will SDGs succeed where MDGs did not?

Case in point, there have been thousands of targeted poverty eradication initiatives for and in Greater Northern Uganda by the Government of Uganda and other actors; initiatives of which some most likely were carried out under the auspices of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and currently the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In spite of those… Continue reading Will SDGs succeed where MDGs did not?

Resilient Young Innovator in COVID-19 Era

Within a couple of weeks from receiving our small grant, Bency's shop is already up and running! Yesterday, she checked in, sending this photo via WhatsApp: Bency on the right with her aunt in her newly opened small shop. Accompanied with the following text message: "Good evening MD, I have started it small, thanks to… Continue reading Resilient Young Innovator in COVID-19 Era

Mentally Ill and Poor in Uganda

It is estimated that 35 percent (over 11.5 million) Ugandans get mental illness. Beyond the statistics, what is the really ordeal of the millions mentally ill Ugandans? In this post, we share a glimpse, through our Managing Director's, encounter with one such mentally ill person in the city. An encounter which she first shared on… Continue reading Mentally Ill and Poor in Uganda

Disruption of Pastoralists’ Lives

Iduwat Ochom, in reaction to the analysis contained in “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives,” as it was first published on the author’s “The Humanist View Blog”, commented: “On the notion of disruptive development, my conclusion, after working in Karamoja for close to two years, is that either people in or with power have stopped thinking… Continue reading Disruption of Pastoralists’ Lives

Why Low Fruit Consumption in Uganda

According to the food basket costs estimates for 16 households in Lango Sub-Region that we made during our training, five households did not include fruits in their food items for an entire month. This is possible because people do not know the value of eating such fruits for our bodies. Even in the costs estimates… Continue reading Why Low Fruit Consumption in Uganda

Money is not good for poor people

I was the one responsible for NUSAF (Northern Uganda Social Action Fund) in the whole of Uganda. They said: “here is the loan, make them rich.” A difficult task. “NUSAF is a government (initiative) with $100 million of funding from the World Bank. The goal of NUSAF is to help local communities in the 18 districts of… Continue reading Money is not good for poor people

The poverty of poverty lines

The first goal that formed the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger from the world and within a 15-year period that ended in 2015. Specifically, the target was to reduce by 50 percent the percentage of people living on less than US$ 1.25 a day.  Sadly, this… Continue reading The poverty of poverty lines