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Tag: rural development

  • Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

    Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

    Young and bursting with ambition, he sees himself trek the distance between Teso and Kampala, determined to only return to his sleepy little Ocelakur Village as an inspirational trendy tie, expensive suit wearing, Mortar Board clad graduate of Development Studies. He sees himself seated at the back of a trendy 4 X 4, as a…

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  • Prof. Orach on why it isn’t enough to give learners only theoretical knowledge

    Prof. Orach on why it isn’t enough to give learners only theoretical knowledge

    As a person who has been in the education system, as a teacher for many years, the biggest challenge that we have is our university education is so theoretical. You find that training and education at a lower level might give more practical skills to people than at a higher level. Increasingly, our focus should…

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  • Meaning of Participation

    Meaning of Participation

    “Participation” is one of those concepts that is taken for granted as so obvious and universal for all, but it is not always the case that we all have a universal understanding of it, particularly so in the context of the development arena. It is doubtful, for example, that in practice we accept it as:…

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  • Letter to Customary Land Owners

    Letter to Customary Land Owners

    There are opportunities that these new cities may create, but at the same time, we have to be alive to the reality that some fraudulent people can manipulate the community for selfish gains. Protect your land. You don’t need to sell it in order to get money to buy land and settle elsewhere as some…

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