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Tag: Success

  • Lesson for Success #08: Patience and Resilience

    Lesson for Success #08: Patience and Resilience

    Rome was not built in one day, stupid! You cannot seek to create a real estate empire in two years. Corruption, pilferage, scheming – the ‘get rich attitude un-anchored by real talent’ is a disease that is getting more genetically perverse among our youth. One cataclysmic event should not decimate your resolve to thrive – […]

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  • Lesson for Success #07: Focused Drive

    Lesson for Success #07: Focused Drive

    The competency of focusing on a goal and harnessing your energy in order to meet that goal – a balance between the components of: Focus – The ability to identify an important goal or vision and to channel efforts at specific targets that support that goal or vision. Drive – The ability to persevere, sacrifice […]

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