Situation Analysis of Greater Northern Uganda

Our geographic area of operation, Greater Northern Uganda - West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Karamoja and Bukedi, hosts about 13.1 million people, 32 percent of Uganda’s population, according to the UBOS National Survey Report 2019/2020 The findings of UBOS are that: Greater Northern Uganda, “the Eastern and Northern regions, have consistently had the highest number… Continue reading Situation Analysis of Greater Northern Uganda

Uganda National Household Survey 2019/2020 Summary Report

UBOS released the 2019/20 National Household Survey report. In summary, this is Uganda today: Total population = 41 millionAverage family size = 4.6 persons (largest in Teso 5.9 persons and smallest in Kampala 3.4 persons)Population below 18 years = 54 percentUrban population = 27 percentNet primary school enrollment = 91 percentNet secondary school enrollment =… Continue reading Uganda National Household Survey 2019/2020 Summary Report