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Tag: Volunteer

  • Welcoming Ann Parlaker Gumkit

    Welcoming Ann Parlaker Gumkit

    I am very pleased to announce that Ms. Ann Parlaker Gumkit will be joining us as our Volunteer Part-Time Paid Administrative Assistant on 1st June 2020. 1st June is the official start of her contract, but Ann is already on the ground at our Lira Offices, that are located at our Lira Learning Centre, where she…

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  • Ms. Norah Owaraga Praised

    Ms. Norah Owaraga Praised

    Mr. Alex B. Okello, The Permanent Secretary of the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, in the Office of the President of the Republic of Uganda, who is also the Finance Committee Chair of the CPAR Uganda Board of Directors, has praised Ms. Norah Owaraga, the CPAR Uganda Managing Director, for her volunteer spirit and commitment…

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