Ignite conversations & PRA on sexual & gender-based violence

Funding available, during a one-year period, CPAR Uganda will identify, train and mentor 14 young people (13 women and 1 man) to become innovators who are able to produce community theatre interventions (drama, poetic recitals, dance, storytelling, music, puppetry, fine art, etc.) and audio-visual content (radio, television, community film, social media and ICT generally) on… Continue reading Ignite conversations & PRA on sexual & gender-based violence

Shame on your hand

Opening this weekend at the National Theatre, "Shame on Your Hand" is a play by Philip Luswata, which he describes as: "Reaching out equally to the men that raise ladies, as well as those who court ladies. It is reaching out as well to the women that go through the experience of being women." Philip… Continue reading Shame on your hand

Women’s Probono Initiative – Your rights, Your life

Until my rights were violated and I needed them so bad, and even though I had heard about their great work and I had hosted their Executive Director on the Radio One Talk Show: "Spectrum Extra", I had never really gone out of my way to familiarize with the work of Women's Probono Initiative (WPI)… Continue reading Women’s Probono Initiative – Your rights, Your life