Lesson for Success #06: Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

The Basoga have a saying that if a person has bigger genitals than yours, do not go sulking that ‘it is a hydrocele’. Emotional intelligence is the competency of understanding and mastering your own emotions and recognizing the emotions of others in a way that instils: ConfidenceMotivatesInspires Picture credit: Norah Owaraga Emotional intelligence is also… Continue reading Lesson for Success #06: Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

Lesson for Success #05: Creativity

During our wedding 10 years ago, a mysterious agent gave us a little but very uniquely designed tea pot. It’s the present we keep talking about. The very sight of it made us take more and more tea. Such creativity - the competency of conceiving and selecting innovative strategies and ideas for your organization –… Continue reading Lesson for Success #05: Creativity

Lesson for Success #04: Communication and Presentation

During one of the stiffest student contexts at MIT, a young innovator from Makerere made such a passionate pitch that the entire room turned to see what was going on. He presented like there was no tomorrow. He won the small innovation prize! Similarly, during one of the interviews I participated in some months back,… Continue reading Lesson for Success #04: Communication and Presentation

Lesson for Success #03: Reliability & Consistency

The GE9X family of turbines that fly a Boeing 777 run for 16 hours at core temperatures of 1,300 centigrade (higher than the melting point of each of the elements that make the core) but it never relents. From Rio-de-Janeiro to Amsterdam. The following day it goes to Melbourne and it does the same exact… Continue reading Lesson for Success #03: Reliability & Consistency

Lesson for Success #02: Systems Thinking

When my fellow ‘Mitchellite’ tripped and fell flat while coming from the mess, his plate of food remained exactly horizontal and only one bean managed to fall off. In the real world, things do not occur in straight causal lines – things are connected; causal chains are complex and balanced. One thing affects another, which… Continue reading Lesson for Success #02: Systems Thinking

Lesson for success #01: Pay Attention to Detail

In secondary school, one of our mentors, an elderly man in the ‘Brothers of Christian Instruction’ congregation used to say two slogans to us every time he met us: "Neglect Nothing”“Mind the Minutest” Young people seem to lack detail. They gloss over things. They are not cerebral. Reports are shallow and lack the meat –… Continue reading Lesson for success #01: Pay Attention to Detail