Donyo and Welcome!

Thank you for coming to visit with us and taking interest in our work. To learn more about us and our progress, do visit our blog.

A bit about our History

CPAR Uganda Ltd used to be the Uganda country office and programme of CPAR (Canandian Physicians for Aid and Relief) and in 2008 we were founded as an independent Ugandan not-for-profit organisation that is incorporated in the Republic of Uganda as a company that is limited by guarantee and is without share capital. Our founders of CPAR Uganda Ltd decided to keep the acronym “CPAR”, however, within the context of CPAR Uganda Ltd, “CPAR” is not an acronym and is not defined word for word.

The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol, which placed in a map of Uganda, as depicted in our CPAR Uganda Logo, connotes that CPAR was in Uganda and left an everlasting positive footprint. It connotes that the work of CPAR lives on in the hearts of Ugandans and forms the foundation on which CPAR Uganda continues to build.

Contact us: at our Lira Learning Centre, Plot 5 Makerere Road (near Lira Golf Course), Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.; or via email:

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