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Archives: Testimonials

  • Acen Mercy

    Acen Mercy

    “Today, from this CPAR Uganda training on understanding poverty, I have realised that we, the people in the rural areas of Lango, to some extent, are responsible for our own poverty. By this I mean those in relative poverty. People in relative poverty may be responsible for their own poverty through, for example, some gender issues which…

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  • Dorah Adoch Komakech

    Dorah Adoch Komakech

    “Am glad to be a beneficiary of the mentoring program at CPAR Uganda, because I have been able to learn a lot. The lessons I learnt from the mentoring are helping me get back on my feet after losing my saloon.” Dorah Adoch Komakech, May 2023.

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  • Professor Enon

    Professor Enon

    “I had not known anything to do with CPAR Uganda, I didn’t know where it was located. When I came here (CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre) I found a very nice place; very good group of people; and they gave us a very good local meal, which was very encouraging.” Prof. J. C. Enon, Head…

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  • James Opollo

    James Opollo

    “It was a great honour having the CPAR Uganda team visiting us young adult innovators in our respective business places. When the team came to my ICT shop in Lumumba, Lira City, the community around were wondering what was happening. They saw huge cameras, new faces, movements and actions taking place inside the shop and…

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  • Hon. Milly Molly Among

    Hon. Milly Molly Among

    “I want to thank CPAR Uganda. They have been with us for a long time. And am happy to hear that they are coming back, because what they did in the past I think they are going to continue from where they left off and do better than what they did before. So, CPAR Uganda…

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  • Janet Akoli

    Janet Akoli

    I adopted agronomic practices taught to us under the Farmer First Programme, notably: early land preparation, timely planting and weeding, as well as improved varieties. In 2012 I planted an acre of hybrid sunflower from which I got 612 kg, compared to the 150 kg I used to get before.  I sold my sunflower and…

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  • Ochan Cyprian

    Ochan Cyprian

    I started produce buying and selling in 2010 using my own capital of Ushs. 100,000 (one hundred thousand shillings). This capital was only enough to buy 35 kg of sesame, which I would sell and after a week go back to buy from farmers again. In 2013, I borrowed Ushs. 300,000 (three hundred thousand shillings)…

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  • Josephine Ajeni

    Josephine Ajeni

    Access to credit from our group owned village savings and loaning association (VSLA) enabled me to invest in improved varieties and in business. In 2011, I got a loan of Ushs. 500,000 (five hundred thousand shillings) from our VSLA. And I planted 3.5 acres of hybrid sunflower, from which I harvested 2,300 kg of sunflower…

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  • Bata Sub-County of Dokolo

    Bata Sub-County of Dokolo

    The programme (Farmer First) has benefited members of farmer field school groups. Food security and incomes have improved. Improved diet, as members have adequate food, a variety of foodstuffs and money to buy others. Members are sending their children to private schools, where teachers are motivated, hence better chance of getting quality education. Some have…

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