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Ochan Cyprian

I started produce buying and selling in 2010 using my own capital of Ushs. 100,000 (one hundred thousand shillings). This capital was only enough to buy 35 kg of sesame, which I would sell and after a week go back to buy from farmers again. In 2013, I borrowed Ushs. 300,000 (three hundred thousand shillings) from my group’s village saving and loaning association (VSLA), which I invested in buying sesame. The increased capital enabled me to buy 100 kg of sesame at a cost of Ushs. 3,200 (three thousand two hundred shillings) per kg. I sold the sesame at Ushs. 4,500 (four thousand five hundred shillings) per kg, earning a profit of Ushs. 1,300 (one thousand three hundred shillings) per kg. I was able to buy another 100 kg which I also sold at the same price. During the buying season I made a total profit of Ushs. 260,000 (two hundred and sixty thousand shillings). I used Ushs. 195,000 (one hundred and ninety five thousand shillings, of to buy four goats. The balance of my profits I used to buy soap, kerosene and cooking oil to use at home. I sold bananas to raise the money for paying interest on the loan and I was able to pay back in time.

Ochan Cyprian is a farmer and member of Lobo Dongo Ki Dano Farmer Field School group, Alebtong District, a beneficiary of CPAR Uganda’s Farmers First Programme.
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