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History – CPAR Uganda Ltd established

In 2008, as part of its indigenisation programme Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) facilitated the transformation of its Uganda Country Office and Country Programme into an independent non-profit organisation.

On 5th September 2008, CPAR, in accordance with the prevailing laws of Uganda of the time, wrote to the Registrar of Companies informing of the new developments – closure of its Country office and Country Programme and the birth of CPAR Uganda Ltd, an independent Ugandan not-for-profit organisation.

On the 8th day of October 2008, CPAR Uganda Ltd was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and without share capital; and as a not-for-profit body. The Registrar of Companies (now the Uganda Registration Services Bureau), under the Companies ACT, issued CPAR Uganda Ltd with Certificate Number 102332.

The members of the CPAR Uganda Country Advisory Committee, at the time, transformed and became the Founder Members and Owners of CPAR Uganda Ltd. They are: Prof. Dr. Christopher G. Orach, Mr. Alex B. Okello, Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok, Ms. Judy Adoko, Justice Stella Arach-Amoko, and Prof. Fred Opio Ekong (since deceased in 2017).

In 2009, a legal transfer of assets and liabilities was done in accordance with the prevailing laws of Uganda from CPAR to CPAR Uganda Ltd. Among the assets that CPAR bequeathed to CPAR Uganda Ltd are land and buildings – the CPAR base camps. CPAR Uganda Ltd has continued to maintain and to add on to its gifts from CPAR.

CPAR Uganda, thus owns land and building complexes in Northern Uganda. In the Lango Sub-Region we own properties in Lira – at Plot 5 Makerere Road, Lira Municipality; and in Oyam – at Plot 26, Akaidebe B and at Alicia, both in Loro Town Council. In the Acholi Sub-Region we own properties in Pader – on Y. K. Museveni Road; and in Gulu at Plot 30 Gulu Avenue, Gulu Municipality.

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  1. Wow! you are doing a great job Norah for our people, implore to spread your coverage to Pallisa and other parts of Teso to alleviate ignorance, poverty and disease. Keep it up because that is what impacts on our people directly.


  2. Well done Norah Owaraga, we hope that the operational environment will always allow for more growth in the sector for greater impact on communities we partner with

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