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Janet Akoli

I adopted agronomic practices taught to us under the Farmer First Programme, notably: early land preparation, timely planting and weeding, as well as improved varieties. In 2012 I planted an acre of hybrid sunflower from which I got 612 kg, compared to the 150 kg I used to get before.  I sold my sunflower and got Ushs. 550,000 (five hundred and fifty thousand shillings). I topped up this amount from sunflower with Ushs. 200,000 (two hundred and ten thousand shillings), which I got after selling a cow; and I used the money to buy 1.5 acres of land. Previously I did not have enough land for production, but the situation has now changed after acquiring the land. In May 2013, I got a loan of Ushs. 50,000 (fifty thousand shillings) from our group village savings and credit association (VSLA) and I invested it in the business of buying and selling cooking oil, soap and sugar. I keep reinvesting the profit and my capital has now grown to Ushs. 500,000 (five hundred thousand shillings).

Janet Akoli, Farmer and member of Orib Cing Farmer Field School group in Alebtong.
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