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Josephine Ajeni, A Farmer

Access to credit from our group owned village savings and loaning association (VSLA) enabled me to invest in improved varieties and in business. In 2011, I got a loan of Ushs. 500,000 (five hundred thousand shillings) from our VSLA. And I planted 3.5 acres of hybrid sunflower, from which I harvested 2,300 kg of sunflower seed, which I sold at Ushs. 750 per kg, thus earning Ushs. 1,725,000 (one million seven hundred and twenty five thousand).

Out of this money I used Ushs. 700,000 (seven hundred thousand shillings) to buy iron sheets and to pay for the labour for roofing my commercial building, which I started building in 2000, but had failed to complete.

I used Ushs. 700,000 (seven hundred thousand shillings) to buy two cows in 2012; while Ushs. 300,000 (three hundred thousand shillings) I used to repay the loan. The interest on the loan and the balance of Ushs. 200,000 I paid using the proceeds from the sale of my cassava.

I now own cows. Before my interaction with the Farmers First programme I did not have any cows.  

Josephine Ajeni is a farmer, a member of Orib Cing Farmer Field School Group in Alebtong District in Lango Sub-Region and a widow, who since 1999 is living positively with HIV.

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