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CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report

For this reporting financial year, 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011, we, CPAR Uganda Ltd, invested heavily in renovating our property in Loro Sub-County, in order to convert it into a Health Care Centre II to serve as an out-patient department. We also invested in implementing our three projects:

  • Strengthen the capacities of health centres in emergency obstetrics care, under the wider Reproductive Health Access Information and Services in Emergency (RAISE) Programme.
  • Support livelihoods of farmers under the Farmers First Programme.
  • Facilitate attainment of food security for households under the Abim Food Security Project.

We spent Ushs. 1,529,895,831 (one billion, five hundred twenty nine million, eight hundred nighty five thousand, eight hundred and thirty one shillings) implementing our activities for the benefit of disadvantages communities in the districts of Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Pader and Amuru.

We are indebted to our funding partners who provided CPAR Uganda with Ushs. 1,232,119,584 (one billion, two hundred thirty two million, one hundred and eleven thousand, five hundred and eighty four shillings) in grant funding that enabled the implementation of our actions. Our funding partners during this year included:

In addition, CPAR Uganda was able to generate a total of Ushs. 97,138,199 (ninety seven million, one hundred thirty eight thousand, one hundred and ninety nine shillings) in other revenue; including from interest income, hire of vehicles and administrative recoveries.

CPAR Uganda, thus, ended the year with an annual deficit of Ushs. 200,638,048 (two hundred million, six hundred thirty eight thousand, forty eight shillings); which deficit, however, was partly covered by our surplus from the previous financial year, a surplus of Ushs. 155,171,705 (one hundred and fifty five million, one hundred seventy one, seven hundred and five shillings) in restricted grant funding.  

The value of CPAR Uganda’s Capital Fund (fixed assets – land, buildings, vehicles, office and other equipment) reduced slightly from Ushs. 696,200,000 (six hundred nighty six million, two hundred thousand shillings) to Ushs. 635,916,500 (six hundred thirty five million, nine hundred sixteen thousand, five hundred shillings). The reduction was mostly due to the depreciation charge for the year.   

As with our previous financial year, overall, this year as well was a good year for CPAR Uganda.  We were able to attract significant revenue; implement our actions; and thus move closer to the realisation of our vision to see “Ugandan rural men, women and children lead healthy and dignified lives, during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met.”  

Photo credit: A new born baby at our Loro Health Care Centre II

3 responses to “CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report”

  1. It is in rare cases that NGOs can use the Grants given to them and remains with a surplus. In this annual report, CPAR Uganda clearly shows us how it was able to use the surplus money from the previous financial year to partially cover the deficit of the current financial year. This shows that CPAR Uganda is trustworthy.

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  2. To me I was pleased by the renovation of Loro sub county in order to convert it into a health care center II to serve as an out patient department which i know it helped the community to access good and quick health services than the way they get it in government health centers

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