Whereas, in the recent past CPAR Uganda has majorly focused on providing health training and awareness creation services, during the height of the insurgency in Northern Uganda – 1992 to 2008 – CPAR Uganda, as a Country office of the Canadian Physicians for AID and Relief, greatly contributed to health services in Northern Uganda through construction of and equipping of health facilities. 

With funding support from its partners, CPAR Uganda constructed and donated 14 Maternal Health Centres to the respective district local governments to own and to manage for the purpose of accessing services to the people of Northern Uganda. Two f the centres are in Gulu District; one in Lira district; two in Nwoya District ; one in Kitgum District; four in Oyam District and one in Kole District as follows:

  • Bobi in Gulu District
  • Kalali in Gulu District
  • Aromo in Lira District
  • Purongo in Nwoya District
  • Todora in Nwoya District
  • Mucwini in Kitgum District
  • Agulurude in Oyam District
  • Otwal in Oyam District
  • Adigo in Oyam District
  • Acokara in Oyam District
  • Ayer in Kole District.

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