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CPAR Uganda Ltd 2015 Annual Report

CPAR Uganda Ltd changed our financial year to begin 1st January and end 31st December as opposed to beginning on 1st April and ending on the last day of March. This necessitated an interim period and this report covers our nine month transition interim period, 1st April to 31st December 2015.

Total expenditure was Ushs. 135,539,914 (one hundred thirty five million, five hundred thirty nine thousand, nine hundred fourteen shillings); the bulk of which was spent to renovate our base camps (land and buildings) that are located in Lira, Oyam, Pader and Gulu.

There was a strategic re-direction of CPAR Uganda’s work to preventative health care, through facilitating increased quantities, qualities and varieties of food crops that smallholder farmers produce at household level so that there is:

  • Improved dietary diversity, nutrition, and income generation at household level.
  • Environment regeneration and preservation at CPAR Uganda base camps.
  • Developed and sustainable agricultural value chains of high value crops that benefit smallholder farmers – right from seed selection to consumption and marketing.

In partnership with Alinga Farms, a social enterprise, CPAR Uganda introduced at our Loro Base Camp and surrounding communities the growing, consumptions and sell of Hibiscus Sabdarrifa (hibiscus), otherwise also known as Roselle or Red Sorrel.

In addition, our staff members adopted urban backyard gardening at our Lira and Loro base camps – replacing grass lawns with assorted vegetables, fruits and other food crops for their own consumption and for sale.

All financial resources that CPAR Uganda utilised during this period, we generated ourselves:

  • Ushs. 68,558,124 (sixty eight million, five hundred fifty eight thousand, one hundred and twenty four shillings) from hiring and renting out to others our assets; and by selling to others the expertise of our human resources.
  • Ushs. 66,981,790 (sixty six million, nine hundred eighty one thousand, seven hundred and nighty shillings) allocated from our endowment fund.

Despite the sale of some assets, as at the end of this period, the book value of CPAR Uganda’s non-current assets held high at Ushs. 514,077,176 (five hundred fourteen million, seventy seven thousand, one hundred and seventy six shillings).

It was slight reduction from Ushs. 525,466,281 (five hundred twenty five million, four hundred sixty six thousand, two hundred and eighty one shillings) as at 31st March 2015. The reduction was slight,because of the inclusion in CPAR Uganda’s books of accounts: ‘old’ assets that had previously been excluded; revised book value of some ‘old’ assets; and the costs renovation.

Whereas, CPAR Uganda’s operations were significantly scaled down during this period, we are confident that we have reorganised and are in a good place to scale back up again for the benefit of active poor smallholder farming households in rural Uganda.

We are on course to more effectively implement our mission, through training and mentoring, to ensure that:

“Households in rural Uganda ably meet the basic needs of their members through enhanced livelihoods; access to health care, clean water, sufficient and nutritious food.”

CPAR Uganda Ltd

And to contribute to our vision of:

“Ugandan rural men, women and children lead healthy and dignified lives during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met.”

CPAR Uganda Ltd

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