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CPAR Uganda Ltd 2016 Annual Report

This financial year, 1st January to 31st December 2016, heralded eight years of the existence of CPAR Uganda Ltd, a non-profit development organisation, legally established on the 8th day of October 2008 as a company limited by guarantee and is without share capital.

CPAR Uganda spent Ushs. 220,962,864 (two hundred twenty million, nine hundred sixty two thousand, eight hundred and sixty four shillings) working towards our vision that “Ugandan rural men, women and children lead healthy and dignified lives during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met.”

We actively implemented programmes within the framework of our mission, through training and mentoring, to “ensure that households in rural Uganda ably meet the basic needs of their members through enhanced livelihoods; access to health care, clean water, sufficient and nutritious food.”

Funding for our operation, during the year, was generated from our own income generation – hire and or sale of physical assets, as well as contracts and consultancies by our human resources. Through these own income generation efforts we realised Ushs. 161,183,077 (one hundred sixty one million, one hundred eighty three thousand, and seventy seven shillings; 55 percent of CPAR Uganda’s income for the year.

External grant funding, Ushs. 133,081,435 (one hundred thirty three million, eighty one thousand, four hundred and thirty five shillings), 45 percent of CPAR Uganda’s income for the year, was provided by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, through the University of St. Andrews.

CPAR Uganda remained in good financial standing as at 31st December 2016, capitalised at Ushs. 494,617,536 (four hundred ninety four million, six hundred seventeen thousand, five hundred and thirty six shillings); the equivalent of the book value of our fixed assets – land, buildings, vehicles, office and other equipment.

Whereas, there was a significant increase in the value of our buildings, due to major renovations; in accordance with a resolution of the CPAR Uganda Board of Directors, we sold capital assets, in order to convert some of our capital fund into cash, in order to facilitate CPAR Uganda to clear some of our outstanding liabilities. Hence, in addition to the depreciation charge for the year, there was a four percent reduction in the value of our Capital fund in comparison to the previous reporting period.

Ending on a positive note, CPAR Uganda’s annual net-worth was positive and we have every confidence that this marks a positive turn in our operation. Our future holds great promise.

Photo: Leafy green vegetables (cow peas leaves) growing in the grounds of the CPAR Uganda Loro Base Camp.

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  1. I appreciate the work of CPAR Uganda for providing services to the community such as rendering their land free of charge to the community of the Northern Uganda which is rear in other areas where land is hired every season expensively. The land is utilized by the community for growing hibiscus and food crops for their own consumption and sale to earn income which is used to purchase basic needs and access healthcare.

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