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Promoting Hibiscus Sabdariffa & high value chains

CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farm to promote growing high value crops; doing the value addition; and earning from them; and thus enhancing livelihoods for farming households in our area of operation.

Alinga Farms, which is owned by our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, is simply sharing the knowledge of how to do so and providing startup seeds for free; and with a guarantee that it will buy all the good produce.

One such high value crop is hibiscus sabdariffa. It has high nutrition value, high economic value and it is culturally acceptable within the first nations of Uganda. Read more about it here.

Other high value crops that CPAR Uganda would like Alinga Farms to assist in popularlising among our stakeholders include lemon grass, spear mint, and ginger

Planting Lemon Grass at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre

Spear Mint growing in a front-yard garden in Entebbe

Ginger growing in a front yard garden in Entebbe

Featured photo: Ms. Norah Mukebezi Opiio sun-drying freshly harvested calyces of hibiscus sabdariffa. She is an out-grower for Alinga Farms in Pallisa County in Pallisa District in Eastern Uganda. 

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