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A Job Seekers Diary Entry on Tuesday, 25th May

It’s day one in my new house, and I am cleaning up, scrubbing the floor and washing walls, picking up used condoms, which tells me a lot about the character of the previous occupants. My landlord, a dark giant Hajji, looks on with curious red eyes. An abrupt question awakes me from my concentration.

“Mutabani, eno nyumba onagyisobola?” (Young man, will you afford this house?)

Landlord of one-roomed house in Kikoni

I gave him a stern look, amazed at the truth of his pessimism, but firmly answered in the affirmative. He returns moments later, armed with a three-months bill reading 18,000shs, which he tells me is the advance I must pay to prove my “rentworthness”. I calmly pick the paper, despite having no idea where the cash would come from. My neighbors later tell me that it’s the old man’s way of doing things.

*** End of Mr. Bernard Sabiti’s Real Life Experiences Diary Entry ***

With the permission of Mr. Bernard Sabiti, we are serializing and publishing selected episodes from his column “A Job Seeker’s Diary” prior first published in a national newspaper. Whereas, Mr. Sabiti is now a very successful consultant, we decided to share and to publish episodes from his column on our website because they are directly relevant to the stakeholders of our project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda;”  And they speaks directly to the young adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty.” Mr. Sabiti’s life story, as a whole, is the more relevant to us, since there seems to be nothing he has not done, innovating to better his lot and to contribute to the bettering of life for his wider communities. Read more here.

6 responses to “A Job Seekers Diary Entry on Tuesday, 25th May”

  1. After My s6 vacation in 2018, I was admitted to do clinical medicine at gulu school of clinical officers and the excitement was much unfortunately it did not happen as per my expectations .so that year i never went back to school, life wasn’t easy. My ambition was to get a job and in my mind , i can only get one by being active.i just needed to be on the streets.luckily i got my first job with multi choice as a sales person and payment was comission based . The goal was to sell 20 gotv decorders a month for 150,000.failure to meet target, no pay …
    It was result oriented so u have to produce results.l worked real hard so as to get the 150,000 monthly.After 5 months, I had achieved my goal so i left. Through my savings,I opened up a mobile money business and life started there.i joined lira university for my bachelor on weekend programs .Even then, I started to search for sponsorship to fund my education because it was expensive and mobile money business alone couldn’t sustain. It was then that i came a cross adverts from CPAR UG LTD (through a friend from lira university) seeking to young people to my mind i thought it was a scholarship . A day to the deadline i applied and submitted. Every day i kept praying to God and it was not in vain .in December 2019, I received a call from unknown contact who introduced as managing director of CPAR UG LTD and quickly i was interviewed on a phone and call gave me hope . Early January 2020, After a week’s stay in gulu for a trade show business where me and my younger sister sold soft drinks in an attempt to expand the little money we had,I received another call one my way from Gulu to Lira and this time around calling for a training with CPAR UG LTD in Lira. First day is not always easy , I was really scared because I realized i was the youngest and mixing with not easy ,but i over came finally . The trainings and was about understanding poverty in rural Uganda . After 21 days I was awarded certificate of completion. I went back home and again bumped in to an opportunity by electral commission where are i varification of national voters registraters for about two weeks and after that , covid 19 hit and boom lockdown . During lockdown, I got the chance to participate in indoor residual spray activity and just two weeks after I start, I got a offer from CPAR UG LTD as a volunteer administrative assistant.

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  2. While I was in my senior four vocation, I was able to get a part-time job. When I joined A level, I still continued doing my part-time job over the weekend. And when I joined University, I thought it would be very hard for me to continue with my part-time job but my Boss told me it was still okay for me to continue working and so I did. Finally, after the University, I was fully retained. Which simply shows that it is important for a teenager to always engage in activities of responsibility from a young age. This would be of a great help.

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    • What wonderful advice you have given Catherine. Very proud of you. You confirm that the role of our parents and older siblings in our up-bringing is very key to our success in the future.

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  3. My friend let us learn how plan before coming out of campus and also save that little pocket money parents give us for future expenses,stop spoiling it on good clothing to be called campus designer which will not help in future just because after campus those who used to give you will not again do that.


  4. Me after finishing my last paper at campus, I packed straight up to home because I could not imagine where the money would come from. I did not have a job just like Mr. Sabiti but at least he had the courage I did not have.


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