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A Job Seeker’s Diary Entry on Wednesday, 26th May

I wake up very early in the morning, rush to campus, a five minute walk so that the library is opened when I am present, lest I do not get any computer to use, as all would have been booked. I check my mail to see if any of the organizations to whose online job adverts I had applied for had responded.

Non has responded to my job applications, and instead my email inbox is filled with trash from game city, editor Bob, and hundreds of gambling sites, including “pharmacists” asking me to buy their new brand of Viagra!

Mr. Bernard Sabiti

A fellow, claiming to be a brother to the jailed former Liberian president Charles Taylor has also written to me asking my help to acquire millions of dollars stashed in a Dutch bank, promising me a hefty commission.

Furiously disappointed, I delete all of them and sign out.

*** End of Mr. Bernard Sabiti’s Real Life Experiences Diary Entry ***

With the permission of Mr. Bernard Sabiti, we are serializing and publishing selected episodes from his column “A Job Seeker’s Diary” prior first published in a national newspaper. Whereas, Mr. Sabiti is now a very successful consultant, we decided to share and to publish episodes from his column on our website because they are directly relevant to the stakeholders of our project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda;”  And they speaks directly to the young adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty.” Mr. Sabiti’s life story, as a whole, is the more relevant to us, since there seems to be nothing he has not done, innovating to better his lot and to contribute to the bettering of life for his wider communities. Read more here.

3 responses to “A Job Seeker’s Diary Entry on Wednesday, 26th May”

  1. Daily life style of most University graduates. And when you succeed in getting one email that is giving you an employment opportunity, you can be shocked to find that they are just conmen and by the time you realize, most time a lot of money has been taken from you.


  2. To me I think the government should stop these websitesites of job online just because they aren’t real,many people are complaining about them that you waist time applying and at the end they’ll not reply you, remember the time you waisted you would have used it to move around from office to office to look for areal job.


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