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A Job Seeker’s Diary Entry on Sunday, 30th May

Today I feel a bit dizzy and tired, maybe because of the previous fun-filled Saturday. I woke up very early, to prepare for my 9 o’clock service at St. Francis. The preacher continues his series on the topic: “the fear of the lord” and today he tackles the subject of “the meaning of success”.

He tells us that success is not just a posh car, a big house, and a juicy job, but the fear of the lord! “How relieving” I thought.

Mr. Bernard Sabiti

The service ends. Outside the chapel I find multitudes of guys we completed the course together, and I am amazed after learning that most of them are still unemployed, and “stay around”. I am refreshed by the fact that “I am not the only one”.

*** End of Mr. Bernard Sabiti’s Real Life Experiences Diary Entry ***

With the permission of Mr. Bernard Sabiti, we are serializing and publishing selected episodes from his column “A Job Seeker’s Diary” prior first published in a national newspaper. Whereas, Mr. Sabiti is now a very successful consultant, we decided to share and to publish episodes from his column on our website because they are directly relevant to the stakeholders of our project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda;”  And they speaks directly to the young adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty.” Mr. Sabiti’s life story, as a whole, is the more relevant to us, since there seems to be nothing he has not done, innovating to better his lot and to contribute to the bettering of life for his wider communities. Read more here.

One response to “A Job Seeker’s Diary Entry on Sunday, 30th May”

  1. Fear of the Lord topped up with Prayers. It can reach a point your doing all and you find things not working and ask yourself, am I the only one who is not fearing and respecting God in the right way?


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