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Category: Food

  • KALIP project a success

    KALIP project a success

    An analysis of 1,770 kilograms of maize that the participating households planted on a sample of 292 acres of land indicates that they harvested 110,000 kilograms; meaning that they realised a multiplication ratio of over 1:62.

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  • ALREP project a success

    ALREP project a success

    The “Improving Food Security and Agricultural Livelihoods” project was implemented by CPAR Uganda during a 22-months period – January 2012 to November 2013. It reached over 20,000 ultimate beneficiaries – members of 2,513 farming households in Agago District in Acholi Sub-Region in Northern Uganda. Farmers’ knowledge and skills were enhanced through training in various topics…

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  • Farmers First project improving food security

    Farmers First project improving food security

    “They would eat the same type of food daily such as cassava and beans but men were not happy to eat it. Whenever women would serve the same kind of food to their husbands who were coming back from drinking sprees, they would tell them to take away their rubbish (food) which had no side…

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  • AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

    AMUDAT District Local Government Commends CPAR Uganda

    “The group members were excited of the expected good yield as exhibited by the maize and groundnut gardens doing very well. The manyatta garden group farming is a success story that could be replicated. The group members visited had planted fruit trees of citrus (oranges) and some neem trees. The trees appeared well catered.” Amudat…

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