CPAR’s huge contribution to Uganda’s Health Sector

It was nice to see a Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) branded stretcher published in the New Vision as part of #UgandaAt60 commemoration messages. CPAR has indeed contributed a lot to the Uganda health sector. Case in point, in addition, for example, from 1992 - 2008 CPAR constructed and equipped 11 health centres… Continue reading CPAR’s huge contribution to Uganda’s Health Sector

The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, would like to re-connect with the family and the descendants of the late Dr. Paul David Hargrave (1952-1998). We want to share with them how the gift that Dr. Hargrave gave us, keeps on giving. Our Lira Learning Centre, constructed at least a decade ago, while CPAR Uganda was a… Continue reading The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)

History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

Mr. Johson Stanley Okullo Engole recollects and shared how he remembers the entry of the Uganda Country Programme of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR Uganda) in to Lango. He did so during a Loro Sub-County Elders Forum that was hosted by CPAR Uganda Ltd at its Loro Base Camp on Tuesday, 15th August… Continue reading History – CPAR Uganda Enters Lango

Quality of Maternity Care Service in Uganda

During the height of the insurgency in Northern Uganda, 1992 to 2008, with funding support from its partners, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) constructed 14 Maternal Health Centres and donated to them to the respective district local governments to own and to manage in accessing services to the people of Northern Uganda. Among… Continue reading Quality of Maternity Care Service in Uganda

How CPAR Uganda Ltd came into Legal Being

In 2008, as part of its indigenisation programme Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) facilitated the transformation of its Uganda Country Office and Country Programme into an independent non-profit organisation. On 5th September 2008, CPAR, in accordance with the prevailing laws of Uganda of the time, wrote to the Registrar of Companies informing of… Continue reading How CPAR Uganda Ltd came into Legal Being

Contributing to Safe Motherhood in Uganda

Whereas, in the recent past CPAR Uganda has majorly focused on providing health training and awareness creation services, during the height of the insurgency in Northern Uganda – 1992 to 2008 – CPAR Uganda, as a Country office of the Canadian Physicians for AID and Relief, greatly contributed to health services in Northern Uganda through… Continue reading Contributing to Safe Motherhood in Uganda

Food enhances love in a home

“They would eat the same type of food daily such as cassava and beans but men were not happy to eat it. Whenever women would serve the same kind of food to their husbands who were coming back from drinking sprees, they would tell them to take away their rubbish (food) which had no side… Continue reading Food enhances love in a home

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2012/2013 Annual Report

Over 2.7 billion shillings (Ushs. 2,724,716,899 - two billion, seven hundred twenty four million, seven hundred sixteen thousand, eight hundred and ninety nine shillings) was CPAR Uganda’s expenditure during our financial year which begun 1st April 2012 and ended 31st March 2013. Spent, primarily, on implementing six development interventions in nine districts of Alebtong, Dokolo,… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2012/2013 Annual Report

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2011/2012 Annual Report

In comparison to the previous financial year, during this reporting year, 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012, CPAR Uganda Ltd spent nearly twenty percent more money implementing our activities for the benefit of disadvantaged communities in northern Uganda. We spent to the tune of Ushs. 1,881,287,171 (one billion, eight hundred eighty one million, two… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2011/2012 Annual Report

CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report

For this reporting financial year, 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011, we, CPAR Uganda Ltd, invested heavily in renovating our property in Loro Sub-County, in order to convert it into a Health Care Centre II to serve as an out-patient department. We also invested in implementing our three projects: Strengthen the capacities of health centres in… Continue reading CPAR Uganda Ltd 2010/2011 Annual Report