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Tag: Food

  • ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

    ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

    Our Innovators, you adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAINST POVERTY”, are busy innovating and transforming our Lira Centre into a vibrant learning centre that may actually become self-sustaining in the longer-term. Enon’s FOODS IN LAWNS PROJECT is one such excellent project that our innovators have come up […]

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  • Lessons from COVID-19: Grow Food

    Lessons from COVID-19: Grow Food

    The majority of Ugandans are net-buyers of food. They buy more of the food that they eat than they eat the food that they produce themselves. Even among smallholder farmers, the majority grow food to sell and then buy food to eat. It is no wonder that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Uganda took […]

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