Belief: “where TB is HIV is” or “where HIV is TB is”

“The two TB patients, the first borne and the second borne, were staying together in the same house, but they contracted TB from different sources. This is because we found out that both of them they were HIV positive and they were brother and sister. No, they did not co-infect each other with TB. Obviously,… Continue reading Belief: “where TB is HIV is” or “where HIV is TB is”

Misinformation about covid-19 vaccine is really out there…

At first, I didn’t see how dangerous the covid-19 virus was. I was seeing from TV how Chinese were suffering and I thought it would not reach us in Uganda. When wave two came in I got scared seeing our people dying.  But I felt a bit encouraged because I had gotten my first doze… Continue reading Misinformation about covid-19 vaccine is really out there…

COVID-19 statistics scare people from getting vaccinated

I got my first doze in May 2021, after so much persuasion from my dad. I remember he told me one morning not to come back to his home if I don’t go for vaccination. He insisted that I should bring him a card for evidence that I had been vaccinated. He also said the… Continue reading COVID-19 statistics scare people from getting vaccinated

Involve youth in Covid-19 vaccination drive

My father inspired me to go for coronavirus vaccination.  At first, I was scared because some people kept saying the vaccine could kill you. And also listening to complaints people had about it. A lady in a WhatsApp group, for example, shared her experience in the hospital when her mother was vaccinated and she said… Continue reading Involve youth in Covid-19 vaccination drive

Young adults not engaged in Covid-19 vaccination drive

Government has been advocating for mainly essential workers and those in a particular age bracket (50+) to get the vaccination. This may have made many young people to have little interests in looking for Covid19 vaccines. Within our research area, Lira, I asked some young persons and they said their parents went and for them… Continue reading Young adults not engaged in Covid-19 vaccination drive

Ministry of Health we with mental ill-health need Risperidone begs Elwor Adelaide

So, yesterday (25th June 2021) I visited the mental hospital, like I do every two months for review on how far I have got with dealing with bipolar depression. "Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme shifts in mood. Symptoms can include an extremely elevated mood called mania. They can also include episodes… Continue reading Ministry of Health we with mental ill-health need Risperidone begs Elwor Adelaide

Africa Retreat Centre on Desire Karakire

Dear Desire, While we have not met in person and while I learnt of your suffering through social media, I am really glad I chose not to ignore your story. My tiny little bit of AMPLIFYING YOUR VOICE by publishing your story on the website of the organisation for which I am Managing Director seems… Continue reading Africa Retreat Centre on Desire Karakire

Mentally Ill and Poor in Uganda

It is estimated that 35 percent (over 11.5 million) Ugandans get mental illness. Beyond the statistics, what is the really ordeal of the millions mentally ill Ugandans? In this post, we share a glimpse, through our Managing Director's, encounter with one such mentally ill person in the city. An encounter which she first shared on… Continue reading Mentally Ill and Poor in Uganda

Mental Health Rehab from Hell – ePDF

This is the testimony of Desire Lavigne Karakire, which, in her own words, she shared because: “I want to use my story and my grievances to change the law on mental health, cause the law to change, or to create the law if currently a vacuum is what has allowed for impunity like this to… Continue reading Mental Health Rehab from Hell – ePDF

Mental Health Rehab from Hell – Part V

Ms. Desire Lavigne Karakire's testimony, shared on her Facebook wall on 11th July 2020 After my Counsellor Martin Githaiga sexually violated me, physically assaulted me, and intimidated me to not pursue the charges described in the previous parts of my testimony by ransoming my journalistic notes, he was neither fired nor suspended. Between the time… Continue reading Mental Health Rehab from Hell – Part V