Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

"My name is Margie, from Kacilo Village, Sangai Parish, Ochelakur Sub-County. I tried to borrow from many people from whom I hoped to get money from but I failed. I also had a group where we save some little monies, but it was like every member from the group needed money, so the group committee… Continue reading Micro loans helping Margie’s vending business grow

Women access to finance

500 WOMEN OF OCHELAKUR SUB-COUNTY ACCESS FINANCE project is the first in a series of projects under our RURAL DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION PROGRAMME that we officially launched this month. WE ARE TARGETING TO RAISE 10 M (TEN MILLION SHILLINGS) as seed money for establishing and growing a loan scheme fund through which 500 women will access… Continue reading Women access to finance

How women reclaiming power

“You Matter: how women reclaiming their power are changing the world,” is the title of the book that Dr. Rita Jo Laker-Ojok is among the contributing authors. Rita is among the founding members of CPAR Uganda Ltd and was our first Board Chair. According to Rita, the book, "You Matter ...", comprises personal stories of… Continue reading How women reclaiming power

Prof. Orach on why educating girls and women should be a priority

The women folk, the girl child, the female, are more vulnerable in terms of their survival livelihood compared to men. And, therefore, education to the girl child is critical. This is because it brings in enlightenment and knowledge. Knowledge about being aware of themselves, their bodies, for instance. That to me is the beginning. If… Continue reading Prof. Orach on why educating girls and women should be a priority

Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

With examples from the media in Uganda, the analysis contained in "Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths," gives a detailed description of gender-based violence in Uganda, in the domestic realm and in the public realm. It describes how gender-based violence is nurtured by myths; and how negative beliefs and practices have been normalized and… Continue reading Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

Women, Land, Credit and Gender Issues

One of the symptoms of negative gender issues is when, in the bid to fulfill her duty to submit to her husband, a woman seeks consent from him to use land as security to get credit. When she does and he grants her the permission to do so, she will likely have to bring back… Continue reading Women, Land, Credit and Gender Issues