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CPAR Uganda Ltd 2014/2015 Annual Report

Our financial year, 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015, was a year of growth for CPAR Uganda Ltd. Particularly, the manner of our frugal financial management, demonstrated organisational maturity, which favourably enhanced our ability to contribute to our vision that “Ugandan rural men, women and children lead healthy and dignified lives, during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met.”

We spent 342,690,851 (three hundred forty two million, six hundred ninety thousand, eight hundred and fifty one shillings) on our operation, including implementing our Farmers First Project, which benefited thousands of farming households in Alebtong and Dokolo districts of Lango Sub-Region.

Our income was Ushs. 284,016,508 (two hundred eighty four million, sixteen thousand, five hundred and eight shillings); a significant drop as compared to our previous year. However, our ‘own income generation’ efforts realised 76 percent of this income; a great achievement. Total external grant funding was Ushs. 112,566,243 (one hundred twelve million, five hundred sixty six thousand, two hundred and three shillings) and it was provided by Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief.

CPAR Uganda, consequently, completed this year with a deficit of Ushs. 58,674,543 (fifty eight million, six hundred seventy four thousand, five hundred and forty three shillings). Our Endowment Fund, which stood at Ushs. 28,301,767 (twenty eight million, three hundred one thousand, seven hundred and sixty seven shillings) was completely used up and insufficient.

In the coming years, we have to innovate, in order to raise our net own income, in order to recover and return our Endowment Fund back to a healthy positive balance. It is currently, at Ushs. –30,372,576 (negative thirty million, three hundred seventy two thousand, five hundred and seventy six shillings).

We use our Endowment Fund for fundraising and subsidising actions intended for the achievement of our mission so that Ugandan households in rural areas ably meet the basic needs of their members through enhanced livelihoods; access to sufficient food, nutritious food, health care and clean water.”

It is important to note that during the reporting year, the funding environment for non-profit organisations, such as CPAR Uganda, was negatively affected by the polarising debate and passing of amendments to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality laws. Some traditional Government of Uganda donor countries withheld aid to Uganda.

And, in addition, negative effects of the global financial crisis, other man-made and natural disasters, caused humanitarian crisis in other parts of the world and it necessitated diversion of aid away from less affected countries, such as Uganda. This had a knock on effect on CPAR Uganda’s traditional funding partners and consequently our fundraising efforts.

We end on a positive note, however. CPAR Uganda is the proud owner of land, buildings, motor vehicles, office and other equipment, which form its capital fund. The book value of our Capital Fund was Ushs. 573,911,960 (five hundred seventy three million, nine hundred eleven thousand, nine hundred and sixty shillings); a five percent reduction compared to the previous year. The reduction was due to sale of some fixed assets and the annual depreciation charge.

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