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Ambassador Nelson Ocheger our supporter

His Excellency Ambassador Nelson Ocheger, the High Commissioner, Uganda High Commission, Abuja –Nigeria, and who also oversees other countries in West Africa, is one of our cherished supporters.

It is not surprising that when we emailed him that our Reading Room, a crucial component of our mentoring programme, was now open and we were inviting him to support it, he wrote back:

“This is agreeable to me. In addition, is it possible for you to identify two bright but needy undergraduate students (boy and girl) that I would assist access this library services?”

Ambassador Nelson Ocheger

Ambassador Ocheger’s donation of Ug. Shs. 400,000 (USD 109) was the largest cash donation to our project to gift library access to Ugandan young adults. And this was not the only donation he has made in support of our work. He previously made a Ug. Shs. 200,000 (USD 52) donation in support of our “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty” project.

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