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Call for applications – mentoring young people

Lira, 31st October 2019 – We, at CPAR Uganda, have set the dates for receiving our first cohort of 25 young adults for their first mentoring session with us. From 6th January to 1st February 2020 our first cohort will be in training, going through the first module of our programme: “Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda.”  The sessions will be conducted at our Lira Learning Centre, at Plot 5 Makerere Road, Lira Municipality, Lira District in Northern Uganda.

The call is out for applications from young adults (persons aged 20-39 years) – including: students at tertiary level formal education and those who have completed formal tertiary education who are employed, seeking employment or exploring self-employment. The deadline for us to receive applications is 22nd November 2019.

The overall objective of our programme is to produce active Ugandan citizens who will proactively innovate, initiate, and facilitate processes that will lead to improving standards of living among the poor in Uganda and that will ameliorate deprivation in their communities.

In partnership with the GlobalGiving Foundation, through an on-going online fundraising campaign, we have generated some funding to enable us to provide full or partial scholarships to young adults to participate in our programme.

Please encourage them to apply. Application forms are available to download from our website; and from our Lira Learning Centre.

About Us

CPAR Uganda  has a proven record of over 27 years contributing to improving the well-being of communities in Uganda, first as a Country Programme of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief and then as an independent Ugandan organisation. In the past we did so through the provision of relief aid and lately, we do so through training and mentoring. Our current mission is to ensure that households in rural Uganda ably meet the basic needs of their members through enhanced livelihoods; access to health care, clean water, sufficient and nutritious food; in order that they lead healthy and dignified lives during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met.

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