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Reading Room open with loads of books

Lira, 5th November 2019 – Located within our CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre on Plot 5 Makerere Road in Lira Municipality, right opposite the Lira District Local Government Offices, our Reading Room is now open for business.

It hosts academic publications in multiple disciplines, including renowned periodicals and peer reviewed academic journals such as: The Guardian Weekly, National Geographic, D+C, Africa Renewal, Spore, Agriculture Review, Field Exchange, The Independent and others. It also has a great selection of novels and children’s books.

Access to these great resources, including study areas, is through paying a nominal fee. Please do visit and learn more.

“The beauty is that the access fees that we receive is they enable CPAR Uganda to fulfill our objective of building healthy communities in Uganda.”

Christopher Garimoi Orach, CPAR Uganda Board Chair

Please encourage, students, researchers, practitioners, retired citizens, and everyone really, to become users of our Reading Room and be doubly rewarded – have access to a wealth of resources, while benefiting others less advantaged. Most importantly, thank you for joining us in promoting the much needed culture of reading in our communities.

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