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Kudos to Posta Uganda

This morning we are full of praise for the government owned postal service, Posta Uganda. A couple of years ago we, CPAR Uganda, relinquished our post box for Kampala (P.O. Box 7504) and decided to reinstate our post box in Lira (P.O. Box 820) so that our mail would go directly to Lira, where our head office was for a while.

Whereas, we still do have an office in Lira, our operations are now more from an Entebbe Liaison office, while our Lira property is now turned into a fully fledged learning centre. While we have retained our Lira post box we are now directing our mail also to our Entebbe Liaison office through an Entebbe post box (P.O. Box 313).

Last evening we were pleasantly surprised when some of our mail that had not successfully been redirected to Lira was now redirected to Entebbe and we received our back copies of important periodicals – D+C (Development and Cooperation); Field Exchange; and Forced Migration; among other mail. Yes, our postal service still works!

This morning the freshly received periodicals and other books are on the way to our Prof. Fred Opio Ekong Memorial Library that is located in our Lira Learning Centre on Plot 5 Makerere Road, Lira Municipality, right opposite the Lira District Local Government Offices.

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