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MD Norah Owaraga keynote address to Karamoja women

“We have received enormous positive feedback from women and men about you. They say the keynote address has sparked untapped emotions and it has generated conversations on the position of women and Karamoja in Uganda.

The conversations are taking place in small circle of groups, families, including on social media. We won’t stop saying thank you for the quality piece of information.”

Betty Lomuria, Member Conference Organisation Committee, First Karamoja Annual Women Conference

On 28th December 2019, on invitation from the Enable Women Initiative (EWI), our CPAR Uganda Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, delivered the Keynote Address to the First Annual Karamoja Annual Women Conference.

In her speech, Ms. Owaraga highlighted:

  • Systematic State Sanctions Marginalisation of Ugandan women. Read more here
  • Systematic State Sanctioned Extra Marginalisation of Karimojong women. Read more here
  • The impact of State Sanctioned Extra Marginalisation of Karimojong women. Read more here
  • The need for Karimojong women to arise and make history. Read more here  

EWI is a group of Karimojong women – development managers, politicians, business women, academics, civil servants, pastoralists, farmers, among others, who have made it and are making every effort to give back to their community.

Karamoja is located in North-Eastern Uganda and it is an excellent tourist destination for nature challenge lovers, such as mountain climbers; and those who love learning and appreciating other people’s cultures and knowledge systems.

For more on tourism in Karamoja, we recommend that you contact Kara-tunga Arts and Tours Karamoja.

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