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Max Katongole is associate mentor of young people

We are delighted that Mrs. Maxelline (Max) Katongole has found time in her busy schedule to be the second Mentor of the first cohort of our CPAR Uganda programme: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.”

Max has experience of over 25 years, during which she has mentored and trained hundreds of active poor rural men and women on self-reliance hailing; men and women coming from all over Uganda and from other African countries, including Liberia, Kenya and Tanzania.

In her work she truly lives up to the philosophy of:

“Go to the people, live them, love them, learn from them, work with them, start with what they have, build on what they know and when it is done the people will rejoice.”

Within her own community she has stimulated the formation of sustainable community development groups that are positively impacting the lives of rural men and women.

Her development work extends to communities other than her own. For example, in 2014, all the way from Western Uganda, Max came and worked with CPAR Uganda, during which time she lived, mentored and trained 47 farmers (29 women and 18 men) for six months, under our Farmers First Programme that was funded by the Canadian Government through the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief.

Max is an active politician, who is a member of Kyegegwa District Public Accounts Committee and the Vice Chairperson of the Kyegegwa District Women Council.

She is a mother of nine from Butoke Village in Kibuye Parish, in Kyegegwa Sub-County in Kyegegwa District in Western Uganda.

2 responses to “Max Katongole is associate mentor of young people”

  1. Wow I hope to meet her soon so that I can learn from her through her experience on how to effectively organise community members for different training programs that can change there lives with I have been facing as my challenge through providing the extension services to the rural community in my district.

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