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Education and the Work Ethic – Lessons from Mr. Jimmy Ezra Okello, Innovator

“From Kyambogo University’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship to hawking plastic shoes at weekly markets through the villages of Lira and Soroti.

Hanging off the side of loaded lorries like chicken on the roof carrier of a matatu, holding on for dear life, praying that neither you nor your merchandise lose grip and drop off before the market: The life of a mobile market hawker.

Ladies, would Ezra ever make it to your list of eligible graduate Bachelors? How is this?

I had a heated argument with a few graduate lady friends and they were all, surprisingly, in agreement that a change in status for the worse in a partner is absolute grounds to leave him or divorce him.

This drops in the question of status. How do unemployed graduates in your areas strive to maintain status so they remain eligible?” Asks Mr. Philip Luswata, CPAR Uganda Media Consultant.

CPAR Uganda is mentoring young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to become innovators against poverty. In this video you get introduced to Mr. Jimmy Ezra Okello, CPAR Uganda Innovator.

We look forward to reading your views on the questions posed above by our Media Consultant, Mr. Philip Luswata, and others similar. Enjoy the video.

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