“I am a very active, respectful, hardworking, highly committed, and result oriented person, especially when assigned both desk-based activities, fieldwork activities and research activities.”

Okello Jimmy Ezra

This is among the reasons that Okello Jimmy Ezra gave as to why he is the most deserving young adult to be awarded a scholarship and to be selected to participate in our CPAR Uganda programme: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.”

Okello is of Lango ancestry, from Kwania District. He holds a Bachelor of Management Science from Kyambogo University. We are delighted to have him as part of the first cohort of our mentoring programme and we look forward to working with him and to contributing to enabling him to achieve his long term goals.

In turn, it is our expectation that through Okello, we at CPAR Uganda will contribute to achieving our vision and that people in his home area, Atwar Village, Nambweso Sub-County, Ayabi County, Kwania District in Northern Uganda, who come in contact with him will proactively work towards them living healthy and dignified lives during which their rights are respected.

10 thoughts on “Okello Jimmy Ezra, you are welcome

  1. I do really testify from the button of my heart that this Mentoring Program has been a great moment of positive change both in my life, family and to my neighbouring communities at large.
    Since from the date I joined the mentoring program on 18th Jan, 2020, back then when I had just graduated from Kyambogo University with Bachelor of Management Science and I had a fixed mindset of only doing white collar jobs.
    Not until when I had been awarded ascholarship by Cpar Uganda Ltd to participate in “Mentoring Young Adults into innovators Against Poverty”. The first date and first section of the Mentoring Program which was being facilitated by Ms Norah who is our Mentor and the Managing Director of Cpar Uganda Ltd, I got to know that it’s not all about getting a white collar job but in otherwards the positive change of one’s mindset that is thinking innovatively and creatively can better a person’s life. However, l learnt skills of farming on a small space as well as the knowledge of generating food buskets for example right now in my family we have a balanced diet, I also learnt how to calculate my family monthly expenses.
    And right now as one of the beneficiary of challenging categories project, am really appreciating the knowledge I got from mentoring program because I am able to do budgeting, planning and also am able to easily identify some of the gender issues in the research studies we are carrying out now.
    I do believe my original reasons I gave for joining the mentoring program is being met by the on going Challenging Categories Research project.

    Thanks to CPAR Uganda Ltd for the Mentoring Programme. Really you have reset and reprogrammed my thoughts about life and also made me productive both in my community and Nation at large.
    “Long Live Cpar Uganda Ltd”


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