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The Hoe Does Not Lie

The Baganda, the largest first nation of Uganda, have a saying that: “enkumbi terimba”; which translated into English is: “the hoe does not lie”. The essence of “the hoe does not lie” encapsulates the fact that smallholder farming, moreover, using the handheld hoe, is the major source of food and livelihoods for Ugandans, countrywide.

At CPAR Uganda, we are, indeed, delighted that a section of the young adults whom we are mentoring into innovators against poverty have embraced the philosophy of “the hoe does not lie.”

These university graduates and university students have bought into our initiative to have Food Gardens in Place of Grass Lawns at our Learning Centres; an initiative that is part of our Preventative Strategic Health Care Programme 2016-2020.


Among them, pictured here in a picture taken at our Lira Learning Centre, yesterday, Tuesday, 9th June 2020, Heroes Day, are Okello Jimmy Ezra, who holds a Bachelor of Management Science from Kyambogo University (read more about him here); and Ann Parlaker Gumkit, who is currently a student at Lira University (read more about her here).

We will keep you posted on how well they do in deriving food and livelihoods from “the hoe”.

In the meantime, very well done Ann and Ezra. Do keep up the good work!

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