Iduwat Ochom, in reaction to the analysis contained in “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives,” as it was first published on the author’s “The Humanist View Blog”, commented:

“On the notion of disruptive development, my conclusion, after working in Karamoja for close to two years, is that either people in or with power have stopped thinking or they are just lazy.

I have always argued that any development programmes should be sensitive to the socio-economic aspirations of the people they are intended to benefit. I had issues with Projects titled “Alternative Livelihoods…… for Karamoja”. Why alternative? Why not supplementary?

I read a report which showed that Karamoja has 20% of the cattle and 50% of the sheep population in Uganda. The communities expressed their interest in vetenary services as a matter of priority.

But when a certain government programme was launched, people were shocked to find that 80% of it was focusing on crop production yet the aforementioned report was used to inform the design of that programme.”

The ePDF for “Disruptive ‘Development’ on Pastoralists’ Lives” is available to download free through this link.

We invite you to download, it read, and take time to engage us through comments to this post and or via email: info@cparuganda.com.

Featured photo credit: Ateker Cultural Centre Karamoja.

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