Exciting times at our Lira Learning Centre in Lira City!

We are delighted to report that our Lira Learning Centre has been fully repaired, renovated and security systems beefed up, thanks in part to the unrestricted COVID-19 relief microgrant that our organisation received from GlobalGiving. While we still bear emotional scars, the physical scars from the May 2020 break in, theft and vandalization of our… Continue reading Exciting times at our Lira Learning Centre in Lira City!

Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

Young and bursting with ambition, he sees himself trek the distance between Teso and Kampala, determined to only return to his sleepy little Ocelakur Village as an inspirational trendy tie, expensive suit wearing, Mortar Board clad graduate of Development Studies. He sees himself seated at the back of a trendy 4 X 4, as a… Continue reading Lessons from ‘community shylock’ Oluka

Lesson for Success #09: Financial intelligence

Many youths of today do not have fiscal discipline. Expenditure is hand-to-stomach, even when there is extra income. You buy a 60-inch plasma screen in a 70-inch studio apartment – the Principle Focus of the curved screen is behind the wall of your tiny wee apartment. Then the disease of oniomania, also known as compulsive… Continue reading Lesson for Success #09: Financial intelligence