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Lesson for Success #03: Reliability & Consistency

The GE9X family of turbines that fly a Boeing 777 run for 16 hours at core temperatures of 1,300 centigrade (higher than the melting point of each of the elements that make the core) but it never relents. From Rio-de-Janeiro to Amsterdam. The following day it goes to Melbourne and it does the same exact thing.

One of the biggest problems with today’s young people is unreliability. Reliability is synonymous with ‘repeatability’ or ‘consistency’. You got to be predictable. Your word ought to be your word. Once given a task, someone should be confident that with you the job will get done – then they will give you all the independence you need.

Source: The Independent

The youth claim they have no jobs. But give them one simple job as a ‘manager’ of some sorts and they will mess your business up. It’s like the job turns them into morons! They miss work; they neglect vital processes; they make disappearing acts; they pocket things; they marry every week; and they drift into unprofitable side-businesses at the cost of the core business.

You give someone the simplest of tasks and they cannot pull it off. On the other hand, I have seen people who consistently pull off things, even in the tightest of situations. If you could get just one thing and you become consistent with it!


With his permission, we are serialising and publishing on our CPAR Uganda Ltd website and social media platforms these lessons for success that were first shared by Dr. Roy William Mayega, on Friday, 2nd October 2020, on his Facebook wall. He accompanied them with the following explanatory introduction:

“I have been working with relatively young people (below 40 years of age) and in my interactions with them, I have found 10 skills that prevent many of them from becoming a beacon of professionalism. Skills not formally taught in school yet so vital. Skills that would transform a young professional into a ‘hot cake’ for inclusion in successful enterprises… As for those of us 40 years and above, I have no advice. Our kind is already irredeemably hardwired in our stupidities.”

Dr. William Roy Mayega, a Lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, a the School of Public Health Makerere University Kampala

Here below are the links to the other lessons:

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