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Lesson for Success #05: Creativity

During our wedding 10 years ago, a mysterious agent gave us a little but very uniquely designed tea pot. It’s the present we keep talking about. The very sight of it made us take more and more tea. Such creativity – the competency of conceiving and selecting innovative strategies and ideas for your organization – is lacking among many ‘slow motion’ youth and is a knock off.

Because most human attributes follow a ‘normal distribution’ most people are very average and they can do the same exact shit that you do. However, you can learn to ‘add value’ by going the extra mile to accessorize your deliverables with small but pivotal additions.

Occasionally accompany the report with ‘a talking brief’. Change the sitting arrangement of the workshop. Create a new visualization tool or graphic. Some youth have to be constantly told what to do. Others are essentially brain-dead, not because they lack grey matter, but because they are hesitant to use their brains.

Well in Medicine they teach us – any part of the body that is not utilized tends to shrink – that’s why the Appendix lost its job!

With his permission, we are serialising and publishing on our CPAR Uganda Ltd website and social media platforms these lessons for success that were first shared by Dr. Roy William Mayega, on Friday, 2nd October 2020, on his Facebook wall. He accompanied them with the following explanatory introduction:

“I have been working with relatively young people (below 40 years of age) and in my interactions with them, I have found 10 skills that prevent many of them from becoming a beacon of professionalism. Skills not formally taught in school yet so vital. Skills that would transform a young professional into a ‘hot cake’ for inclusion in successful enterprises… As for those of us 40 years and above, I have no advice. Our kind is already irredeemably hardwired in our stupidities.”

Dr. William Roy Mayega, a Lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, a the School of Public Health Makerere University Kampala

Here below are the links to the other lessons:

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